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CARE for Kids

CARE stands for Creating A Respectful Environment. On all grade levels, the program helps students develop social responsibility and positive relationships with both adults and other class- mates. CARE for Kids embeds proactive social and emotional learning strategies that can be incorporated throughout the day in all academic classes.


To help students become responsible, productive adults in a democratic society, schools must focus not only on intellectual needs but also on social, emotional, and ethical development. The mission of CARE for Kids is to meet student needs in all four areas.


The components of CARE for Kids include:
  • Daily morning classroom meetings that set the tone for respectful learning and establish a climate of trust.
  • End-of-the-day check-in meetings in which students share something about their day and what they have learned or enjoyed either academically or socially.
  • Regular class meetings that promote a team spirit and encourage students and teachers to reflect, solve problems, and make group decisions.
  • Activities that build a sense of community throughout the school. These activities are designed to link students, parents, teachers, and other adults through a focus on cooperating, taking responsibility, appreciating differences, and helping others.
  • Developmental discipline that focuses on proactive and intervention strategies. The emphasis is on creating rapport, modeling skill development, and moving students to self- control and responsibility.

At the elementary level, additional components include:

  • Buddy matches that pair every older student in the school with a younger student for a series of collaborative learning activities.
  • "Homeside" activities that encourage conversations between students and their family members. These activities then bring family stories and, at times, family members into the classroom.
Taken from CARE for Kids Book