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Gutermuth Elementary: Going from good to great! home

Meet Our Staff

Administration and Office Staff

Principal Laura Mullaney
Assistant Principal Sommer Kidwell
Counselor Brenda Hankins
Family Resource Center (FRC) Coordinator Dr. Eric Wright
FRC Assistant Debbie Jones
Attendance Clerk Billie Denney
Secretary Phyllis Davis
Bookkeeper Marian Satterley
Nutrition/Cafeteria Stephanie Yeager
Plant Manager Linda Kininmonth
Frankie Basil

Support Staff

Health Promotion Schools of Excellence (HPSE) and Career and Vocational Studies Todd Henderson
Mary Collier
School Support/Resource Teacher Andy Bronger
School Technology Coordinator Ronald Clark
Librarian Susan Miller
Speech Nicole Lafave
Reading Recovery Kelly Wortham
Arts and Humanities Elon Shang
Science Lab Ronald Clark
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Teacher Lucas Hayes


Head Start

Linda Cheeks


Nancy Banet
  Elizabeth Baunach
  Marjorie Cox
  Kristy Hall
  Karen Harrod
  Banetta Hawkins
  Lucas Hayes
  Sarah Holbert
  Stephanie McClurkin
  Lynn Pike
  Carla Rickman
  Laura Rondot
  Brennan Suski
  Leslie Ungar
  Sarah Vanderpool
  Larry Wakefield
  Laquita Williams


Andrea Burkhead
  Rebeka House
  Carla Kron
  Jane Waits
  Lisa Weiter

Instructional Support Staff

Gennifer Blackstock
  Linda Blaufuss
  Junetta Curley
  Candace Miller
  Chemika Pittman
  Robin Sample
  Rhonda Vititoe
  Kathryn Willingham