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Gutermuth Elementary: Going from good to great! home

Meet Our Staff

Administration and Office Staff

Principal Laura Mullaney
Assistant Principal Sommer Kidwell
Counselor Brenda Hankins
Family Resource Center (FRC) Coordinator Remona Sands
Attendance Clerk Jacob Eads
Secretary Phyllis Davis
Bookkeeper Linda Blaufuss
Nutrition/Cafeteria Stephanie Yeager
Nutrition Assistant Charles Passafiume
Nutrition Assistant Jolinda Frye
Lunchroom Assistant Melissa Fryrear
Plant Manager Linda Kininmonth
Custodial Staff Nikki Callaway
Custodial Staff Robert Raimey

Support Staff

Speech Nicole Groft
Reading Recovery Kelly Wortham
Response to Intervention Carla Rickman
Goal Clarity Coach Ellen Glazier
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Coach Nick Scholle
English as a Second Language Natalie Borsch
Bilingual Associate Instructor Kevyn Benitez
Seven Counties Danielle Casson
Nurse Lesley Stroupe


Head Start

Head Start Grace Brockington


Kindergarten Ron Clark
Kindergarten Katy Faris
Kindergarten Sarah Vanderpool
First Grade Malissa Orr
First Grade Lynn Pike
First Grade Brennan Suski
Second Grade Kristy Hall
Second Grade Banetta Hawkins
Second Grade Meredith Morrison
Third Grade Nancy Banet
Third Grade Carla Kron
Third Grade Sheila Rivers


Fourth Grade Mackenzie Gentry
Fourth Grade Dawn Parker
Fourth Grade Kayla Schum
Fifth Grade Seth Hollander
Fifth Grade Rebeka House
Moderate/Severe Disabilities Teacher Sarah Holbert
Moderate/Severe Disabilities Assistant Gennifer Blackstock
Moderate/Severe Disabilities Assistant Betty Cox

Special Area

Computer Lab Todd Henderson
Library Susan Miller
Library Assistant Kathy Luckett
Physical Education Kim Hatley
Reader’s Theatre Amy Faris

Instructional Support Staff

Exceptional Child Education Teacher Elizabeth Baunach
Exceptional Child Education Teacher Karen Harrod
Head Start Assistant Amy Cook
Head Start Assistant Kanetha Crowe
Kindergarten Assistant Sheronda Bailey
Kindergarten Assistant Junetta Curley
Kindergarten Assistant Apryle Roach
Instructional Assistant Cassie Everett
Instructional Assistant Candy Miller
Instructional Assistant Rhonda Vittitoe